Pt 2. Obama vs Trump: The Great Debate feat. Political Strategist Wayne Bradley

August 27th, 2019

In Pt.2 of our Great Debate series discussing two of the most pivotal and controversial poltical figures in Modern American Politics; Obama vs. Trump, we conclude this series discussing Former President Barack Obama.  As the 1st African Americn President of the United and arguably the most transformative President since FDR, we discuss some of the challenges and obstacles that he faced in this postion. Pres. Obama never bransded himself as the Black Candidate when he ran for President nor did he govern this nation as such, so we discuss what impact did that have on his relationship with the Black Community. We also talk about his accomplishments as President, what legislations was he able to get passed, what polcy was implemented under his administration, what was our nation’s standing around the world under Obama vs. Trump, who is the most charismatic, who understands the office better. These are just some of the discussion points of this political debate that I have with Republican Political Strategist and President of Urban American Strategies Wayne Bradley.. Join us for Pt. 2 our discussion. 

PLUS, we are going to be talking about this Popeye Chicken Sandwich and what is all the buzz all about, and why people seem to be loosing their minds over this sandwich. And, of course as we do with each episode, we have a dynamic Thought of the Week for you to help get you through the week. Another great show in store for you, so be sure to tune in!

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