PT 2. Women of Influence Series featuring Journalist Jemele Hill

March 9th, 2021

Tonight, we conclude our interview with briliant and thought-provoking Journalist Jemele Hill. In addition, to our discussion of the current political landscape in Washington, and our country’s sordid past, we also delve into a recent article that Jemele wrote about the Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban’s decision to discontinue the singing of the National Anthem before their NBA games.Mark Cuban made the decision a few months back to discontinue singing the Star Spangled Banner, because of its connection to slavery and the derogatory connotations that were made in the song towards Black slaves. Jemele talks in her recent article in “The Atlantic” about the boycott and why she not only agrees with Mark Cuban, but he should stuck to his guns and stayed the course and other sports teams should have done so as well. 

Plus, we in honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we pay tribute one of the greatest women to ever live. You might have some ideas of who that is,but I guarantee you, you’ll be surprised to know who it is and migjht be shocked to discover the true essence of her greatness is not found in the world’s perception or misperception of her, but it is found in something very simple and quite often overlooked. Tonight’s Thought of the Week is entitled “Greatness By Association.”  I can’t wait to share it with you. Also, remember we are going LIVE on Instagram at 9:30pm, and tonight we are discussing the Comerica 2 America Sequel, was tt as good as the first one? Looking forward to getting your thoughts. Alot to discuss, plus a lot to share. Don’t miss it!

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