“Race In America” – An In-Depth Look at Race & Voting in this Country

January 26th, 2022

Join this week as we discuss Race In America from three different topics that are directly related to this week’s theme. We kick off this week’s show ddiscussing Sen. Mitch McConnell’s racist remarks suggesting that African Americans are not American and what happened when Twitter caught wind of it…#MitchPlease In addition, we are discussing the proposed legislation by Governor Ron Desantis in the State of Florida, that will ban history lessons that are offensive to white students in school, and this legislation could even spill over into the workplace as well. And, rounding out this week’s slate of topics, we also plan to discuss the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and why we believe it is very important that this bill is passed. We share some very prophetic words from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in 1963 about the filibuster that is very telling about where our nation was and where we are today. 

PLUS, we share some powerful and poignant remarks from the venerable, intellectual luminary Dr. Freddy Haynes III entitled, “America The Ugly” as he talks about in great detail the sins of this nation and how it is time to repent and redeem the future of this country for the better. This week we are talking “Race In America” and believe me it’s a discussion you don’t want to miss!

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