Re-Air 8am Politics & The Church Pt. II feat. Dr. Fredrick Haynes III

April 17th, 2019

Tonight at 8 pm we continue with our discussion of the subject of “Politics & the Church: The 21st Century Role of the Minister” with intellectual luminary Dr. Frederick Douglass Haynes III, Pastor of Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas, TX. If you thought last week’s show was great, what until you here the conclusion of this power-packed conversation dealing with Pres. Trump, the White Evangelicals, the Black Pastor meeting with Trump, and a whole lot more.  This is a very penetrating and compelling question that I’m sure is on the minds of many ministers and pastors who want to know what they should be doing in this volatile political climate in America.  During the 1960s the Black Church was the epicenter of the Civil Rights Movement and leaders like Dr. King used the church as the platform to move the mission and objectives of the Civil Rights Movement further. What should churches be doing today to move the agenda of Black America in Washington, DC? What should Black pastors be doing today to move the agenda of Black America forward in Washington, DC? How should they interact with leadership at the White House? Or, is there even a need today for churches and pastors to be engaged in Washington as we were back in the 1960s? These are just some of the questions that we plan to discuss during our interview with Dr. Frederick Haynes-  a proven spiritual and social leader who continues to masterfully and skillfully combine the two to illustrate the necessity of having both components in the 21st Church’s mission statement. 

Plus, we also to discuss the question of are coming to the end of the Mueller Investigation, Kareem Hunt situation and when are Black Male Athletes going to learn, and would you buy shoes from PALESSI? We plan to discuss all this, plus a whole lot more during tonight’s show.

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