Re-Air: What A Christian Looks Like? feat. Fashion Designer TerryAnn Phillips

May 28th, 2019

In this special episode of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show, we tackle this age-old question of “What Does A Christian Look Like” with Christian fashion designer TerryAnn Phillips. TerryAnn is the creator of “Saved And Fabulous” Fashion Line that is specifically designed with Christians in mind. But, is there really such a thing as “church clothes” or “Christian Fashion” or have we evolved to the point as a church where we can come as we are? TerryAnn discusses the style choices that she’s made for her “Saved & Fabulous” fashion line and how they have been influenced by the church.

PLUS, in our “What Are You Thinking About” segment we talk about the mid-term elections which are coming up and some of the candidates we need to watch. There are a number of candidates on the Democratic and Republican side that we need to pay close attention to leading up to the General Election in November. We will tell you who are the ones we need to put our support behind as a community. All this and so much more on the next edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show.

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