STAY F.L.Y. Entrepreneurial Spotlight; feat. CEO of DM Graphics Darell Myree

July 6th, 2021

In this 4th of July Edition of the podcast, we talk to one of our show partners and CEO of DM Graphics Darell Myree. This young entrepreneur is doing some BIG things in Graphic Arts, and we wanted to spend sometime highlighting some of them with our listeners. In addition to have his own Graphic Design Business where he specializes in everything from apparel design, fliers, posters, to website design. If you think, he will do his very best to produce for you. We talk about his passion for graphic arts, and where it came from and how he has become a sucessful entrepreneur doing what he loves. He also talks about his award-winning clothing brand, that focuses on uplirting and inspiring young people to see the value and worth in themselves; called “Stay F.L.Y.” (Forever Loving Yourself). With this clothing brand, Darell in his quest to improve the self-esteem of today’s young people, he has even put the Suicide Hotlne Phone No. in the hemline of his clothes in hopes of helping to save a young person life that may be on the brink of giving up. This is a powerful interview and one that you don’t want to miss! 

PLUS, we plan talk about about our new website MichaelNimmons that is now LIVE and you can visit and enjoy a very special gift on us. And, alot more. We’ve also got another dynamic Thought of the Week entitled, “I’m Free!” We are talking about a freedom that transcends this world; it is a freedom that only God can give, and we talk about during this week’s podcast. Hope you take some time and check out this week’s episode, as well as a brand new website. Happy 4th!

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