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“THE HEAT SHOW” feat. Producer & CHH Artist Sonny Knight

December 15th, 2020

Tonight’s show is going to be EPIC. We are calling it “THE HEAT SHOW” because we got two new BANGING singles from CHH Artist Ty Scott King – “No Rewind” and Producer, Musician & CHH Artist Sonny Knight; who is also the husband of Ty Scott King. Sonny has a new single called “On the Way”  and we are going to be debuting his single during tonight’s show.  In addition, to playing both of these new singles, we are also going to be sharing with you a recent interview we had with Sonny Knight, and we discuss his music career in CHH, who some of his favorite CHH Artists are, what’s it like working with his wife-Ty, and a lot more. 

PLUS, we got a few surprises in store tonight as well, as well as a very interesting and thought-provoking “Thought of the Week” in store for you called “The Four Wives.” Find out who are they are and what does that mean for you,  at the close of tonight show. It’s defintitely going to be BLOW YOUR MIND! So, it goes without saying that you can’t afford to miss tonight’s show. Hope to talk to you tonight at 8pm.