The Tennessee Three & Me

April 15th

These past two weeks have probably been the most hectic, but at the same the most prolific. Beginning just a day before Good Friday, April 6th two young Black Tennessee (TN) Lawmakers by the names of Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were put on trial and expelled by the TN GOP Super Majority in the TN State House. A third White Lawmaker by the name of Gloria Johnson was spared by one single vote. Some say only because of the color of her skin, which she-herself believes to be the case. These young lawmakers were expelled; according to the TN Speaker of the House, for violating house decorum, when they staged a protest in the middle of session using a bull horn to draw attention to important gun violence legislation. Their expulsion captured the attention of the entire nation and even the world, and just days later they were reappointed back to their seats to continue their fight for their constituents.

In tonight's episode we chronicle the Tennessee Three's heralding display of courage and determination that led them from expulsion to reappointment and beyond. We do so with the backdrop of a question or a proposition that we plan to share that we also provide evidence to support for our case, that what happened in TN can happen anywhere in this country. Its a harsh reality to accept, but it is one that is frighteningly true. But, it is also a problem that we have the power to do something about. We share the solution in tonight's episode.

PLUS, if there is one takeaway from the events that have transpired over the past two (2) weeks, it is we have gotten the opportunity to be introduced to the eloquence and the brilliance of these two TN Lawmakers; Rep Justin Jones & Justin Pearson. And, as an added bonus to tonight's episode we share with you the powerful speech the Rep. Pearson gave at the TN House on the night of his expulsion that galvanized not just the community of TN, but this country around the subject of gun violence, activism, and the power of the people's voice. Our Thought of the Week is coming from Rep. Justin Pearson during tonight's powerful episode. Needless to day, this is another powerful episode that is definitely appointment listening, and one that we hope sparks conversation, discussion, and much needed attention around the subject of gun violence, voting and most importantly activism.

Stay Tuned & Stay Connected.

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