The Transformation of Darryl Woods

March 12th, 2019

Tune in Tuesday night at 8pm for a life-changing, thought-provoking and compelling testimony of transformation and redemption. We are calling it the “Transofrmaiton of Darryl Woods” 29yrs ago, Darryl Woods was convicted and ssntened to life in prisoin without the possiblity of parole, His life was headed on a downward spiral to nowhere. When he was convicted at the tender age of 18yrs old, he also had a 1yr son whom he believed he may never see again  Listen as Darryl takes us through the rollercoast ride of this terminal prison system that feels eerily similar to the popular movie “The Shawshank Redemption.” The only difference in this story is Darryl didn’t have to break out, but long after he found God and dedicated his life to serving Him, in Dec of 2018 Darryl was granted a full commutation of his life sentence by then Gov. Rick Synder. In fact, Darryl was the last name on a small list submitted on the last day the Michigan State Legislature was in session before the Holiday Break, and it happened to be the last day the current sitting Govenor of the State of Michigan would have an opportunity to grant Darryl Woods the favor he had been praying and asking God fior, for most of his prision sentence. 

In this interview Darryl Woods Sr is also joined by his son Darryl Woods Jr, who; although he was physcialy absent as Darryl Jr’s father, he more than made up for it being a constant motvator, and encourager in his son’s life even from behind prison walls. In fact, Darryl Sr. not only helped his son get admiitted into Michigan State University, but he also helped him go “tutition free,” And, now his son Darryl Jr is a motivational speaker traveling around the world motivating and inspiring others with his message of inspiration and empowerment. Join us for this inspring interview, plus a whole lot more.Just click the listen to listen OR visit

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