“The Tri-Fecta ” PT. II Feat. Dr. Freddy Haynes, Breena Clarke & Griff

February 19th, 2022

This week we continue our celebration of Black History Month as well as our favorite interviews. We are featuring 3 more of our favorite interviews in this week’s edition of the podcast; Intellectual Luminary & Pastor Dr. Freddy Haynes III, Award Winning Author, & Speaker Breena Clark & Comedian & Radio Host Griff. Each of these interviews were empowering and motivating as well as informative and very insightful. We covered a wide-range of topics from their succesful careers in their chosen professions, to the high & lows of pop culture, from Donald Trump to Women’s Rights and much more. The five years that we’ve been doing this podcast, God has blessed us to connect with so many different thought leaders, creatives and influencers from not just around the country but around the world, and this month is a celebration of that. 

PLUS, we have got another dynamic Thought of the Week from one of Black History’s iconic leaders, El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz better known as Malcolm X. In this excerpt, he is addressing his split from Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam and discussing his path forward in this continued fight for equality and justice for African Americans in this country. We honor Malcolm’s brillance as well his courage to speak truth to power, continuing to let his voice be heard…BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!

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