VIP Spotlight feat 910am SuperStation Radio Host, Wayne Bradley

December 19th, 2017

Join us for final “LIVE” show until after the New Year and the Christmas Edition of the VIP Spotlight featuring 910am SUPERSTATION Radio Host  and Conservative Political Pundit Wayne Bradley  as we discuss Trump, Sexual Harassement and much more. During this vilotite climate of sexzual harrassment in Corporate America, Enterainment Industry and the Poltical Arena we discuss this topic from a male’s perspecitive and address the Question of the Week; “Who’s at fault for the recent sexual haraassment revelations; the men for their sexual deviancy or the women for just now saying something? Our discussion is in no way to minimize or diminish the criminal nature of this allegations, but it is talk about the veracity of some of this allegations and consider whether they are all true or not. We also dicuss what will the ulimate fallout of this violite climate, what will be the long term effect of these allegations in workplaces across America? We plan to answer these questions and more in the Christmas Edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show.

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