VIP Spotlight featuring Candidate for State Rep. District 9 Donald Stuckey

June 5th, 2018

We are excited to be talking politics in this VIP Spotlight Edition, as we talk with Candidate for State Representative District 9 Donald Stuckey. In this interview, we not only discuss why Mr. Stuckey decided to throw his hat in the political ring and run for State Rep for the 9th District, we talk about the political landscape of the State of Michigan as well as the Trump White House. Listen as we discuss the importance of voting in this August and November Election and why you need to make sure to do everything within your power to get others out to the polls to vote as well. This November, we need to send a message to the legislature in Lansing, and in the U.S. Congress & Senate that the agenda of the American people is the only agenda that matters. 

We also talk about what we’re calling the feminization of our African American men. In a recent video of Cavs Superstar Lebron James, he is seen leaving a press conference with a suit jacket and shorts and what appears to be a women’s purse. This caused a stir on social media and raised a number of questions regarding the fashion choices of many of our Black Athletes and the implications behind them. Are these new style trends for Black males purely European or is there something more sinister taking place? We plan to talk fashion, politics and more on this Tuesday’s VIP Spotlight Edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radi Show.

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