August 24th, 2021

We are back after taking a few weeks off  because of work obligations, as well as getting some rest and recuperation, which is always in order. But, we are back with another brand new episode and with a lot to talk about. We plan to talk about the newly FDA Approved Pfizer Vaccine and is that enougth for more people to now get vaccinated? In addition, students across the country are now returing to in-person learning, and it looks like the State of Florida is a house divided. Gov. Ron Desantis has signed an executive order not requireing or manddating mask, but public schools in the state are requiring students to wear masks. Gov. Desantis is threatening to cut off the funding of these schools, becasue they are in violation of his exeutive order and the Parents Bill of Rights. Do you agree or disagree? And, finally, we ae talking Sportmanship & Competition, particularity amongst our Black Athletes. There are several stories surrounding our Black Athletes we plan to address in this week’s edition of the Thinking Out Loud Radio Show. 

PLUS, we got a dynamic Thought of the Week entitled, “God’s Masterpeiece” that is sure to bless you, that we wiill be sharing at the end of this week’s show. Also, we have a exciting and informative event we’ll be talking about coming up; Mon. Aug 30th from 7-9pm; the Back-To School Community Forum. This is a community forum designed to answer questions as well as discuss some of the issues surrounding our children in the Detroit Metropolitian area returning to in-person learning. We plan to have educators, administrators & other professional on the call to share and answer questions. This will be an event LIVE Streamed on Facebook, and one you don’t want to miss.  Great show in store. Alot of information to share, and we hope you tune in.

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