“Your VOICE, Your VOTE!” feat. Newly Elected Mayor Hon. Monique Owens

November 19th, 2019

In the over 2yrs we have been doing this show, we are embarking upon another 1st. This is the 1st time, we’ve interviewd a sitting Mayor on our show. We are truly honored to have the newly elected, 1st African American Mayor of the City of Eastpointe, Michigan, the Honorable Monique Owens on the Thinking Out Loud Raido Show with us tonight. She is trailblazer and in so many ways, and he done so in very little time. Her politcal career begin just two years ago when she ran for City Council of Eastpointe; after running unsuccesfully 2 times and after a lawsuit from the Dept of Justice imposed upon the City of Eastpointe for racial discrimination in their election process, Mayor Owens decided to run a 3rd time for City Council and this time she won. In 2017, she became the 1st African American Councilwoman of the CIty of Eastpointe. But, she didn’t stop there two years later she launched her campaign to run for Mayor and she won again! Tonight we talk to the newly electged 1st African American Mayor of fo the City of Eastpointe, and we discuss her histoic political career, her vision for the City of Eastpointe as well as the power of our vote. I can’t wait to share th is interview with you!. 

PLUS, we are going to be talking Colin Kaepernick and his NFL workout over the weeked, Kirk Franklin’s boycott of the Dove Awards, and White Evangelistic Christian Broadcasting and more during our What Are You Thinking About segment. And, we have another dynamic Thought of the Week in store for you as well. Tonight’s show is going to be truly epic and you definitely need to tune in. Be sure to share this post all over social media, because this show is definitely appointment listening. Talk to you at 8pm.

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