We all know tailgating is a huge part of going to a show at Pine Knob. Here are some fun tailgate activities…enjoy them at your own risk! Read on for the full list.

  • Play a tailgate game

    Playing Cornhole is always a fun way to kick off the night. Just don’t hit any strangers with the bean bags!

  • Drink!

    Get your drink on! We recommend beer, wine, liquor, water, pop, Vernors…you get the drift!

  • Rock our station

    Crank us up!

  • Eat!

    Get your grub on with snacks before the big night…after all, you’ll need the energy to get through all these great performances!

  • Reconnect with friends

    If you’re like me, going to a concert is like a reunion. I often see people I haven’t seen in ages! Text your friends and see who’s around..and invite them to the tailgate!

  • Meet the love of your life!

    Hey, stranger things have happened. Maybe you’ll meet the love of your life while tailgating at Pine Knob. Probably not, but still.

  • Get to know your neighbors

    Make new friends, but keep the old! Make friends with your tailgating neighbors and stay in touch for the next big show.

  • Protect yourself from bugs and the sun

    Ewwww, bugs. Don’t forget some bug spray and sunscreen so you aren’t roasted during the tailgate.

  • Take photos

    Since you know everybody will be posting their Riff Fest photos of socials the next day, make sure to get enough pix to commemorate the evening!

  • Show off your ride

    If you’re proud of your ride (like me!) then show it off! Make sure to get it cleaned before the big event, and display it proudly!

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