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Michigan is already the 10th most populated state in the U.S., and now, certain cities in the Mitten are growing. The latest Census data shows that 10 Michigan cities are growing at a faster rate than any others, so if you’re looking to start a small business or find a job, these places might be a good bet.

HomeSnacks.com has put together a list of the 10 fastest growing cities in Michigan for 2022, according to the most recent census data. “To figure out which cities are growing the most, we simply had to look at the growth rates for cities sine the beginning of the decade, according to the American Community Survey put out by the census every year,” they stated. Specifically, they looked at current population, population in 2010 and the growth rate from 2010 to now using the latest available data, which came out in December 2018.

They ranked all 148 Michigan cities with a population more 5,000 people from highest growth rate to lowest. Seeing that 5,000 was the bottom number, this study is very comprehensive, because it mixes large and smaller cities. “The city with the highest growth rate during this time was crowned the fastest growing city in the Wolverine State,” they state.

Read on for the 10 fastest growing cities in Michigan for 2022. I’m familiar with quite a few of these towns, and it’s nice to see them getting some recognition. It’s worth nothing that one of the most wealthiest areas in the state is on this list, too, in East Grand Rapids. If your town is on the list, think of it as good thing, because it means business is booming, even if things are getting a bit more crowded and built up. Find the full study and more information of Michigan’s fastest growing towns via HomeSnacks.com here.

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