Fried chicken tenders

Nothing says summertime like fried chicken. As a kid, I remember that whenever my family went to a picnic, my dad would bring fried chicken, and everyone loved it. Granted, it was KFC fried chicken, but it didn’t matter, because fried chicken is simply a summertime staple at any picnic or gathering.

Michigan has so many fantastic restaurants, and many of them specialize in fried chicken. While I usually think of that cuisine as more of a Southern food, we Michiganders have are own versions that are just as tasty. Also, as a vegetarian, I have to say that I’ve had some great vegetarian versions of the popular American food. They can be hit or miss, but the hits make it worth it.

So, if you’re in the mood for crispy chicken, where do you go? We’ve scoured the state to find some of the best restaurants that offer fried chicken out there. We have spots from all over the Mitten, so no matter where you live, hopefully you’ll find an option near you. Also, at each of these restaurants, you can tell the owners and workers have such pride about their establishment and food. It’s really inspiring. That’s all the more reason to try any and all of the restaurants listed below, whether you’re in the mood for chicken or another tasty dish. What’s your favorite place to grab a plate of chicken? Reach out to me at and let me know.