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Did Dan Campbell inspire PC Principal? (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Has anyone ever seen Dan Campbell and PC Principal from South Park in the same place at the same time? I think we could be onto something here.

Naturally, I’m a fan of the Detroit Lions and I believe in Dan Campbell. He’s awesome and has taken this team to new heights. Also, I’m a fan of South Park. It’s one of the funniest shows of all-time. However, because of these two interests I can’t help but to draw some comparisons. Is South Park’s PC Principal based on Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell?

Is PC Principal Based On Dan Campbell?

There are a number of reasons to believe that Dan Campbell was the inspiration behind PC Principal. I’ve detailed 5 of the best reasons below. However, many people will still believe that PC Principal can’t possibly be based on Dan Campbell. Well, let’s go over that.

First, people will say that Dan Campbell didn’t enter the national spotlight until he became the Head Coach of the Detroit Lions in 2021–roughly 6 years after PC Principal made his debut on South Park. However, that’s not necessarily true. Sure, he became a household name in 2021 after landing the Head Coach job and his knee biting comments helped propel him into the spotlight. We can’t forget that in 2015 (the year PC Principal made his introduction) Campbell was working with the Miami Dolphins and served as Interim Head Coach. So, his face was being seen on National TV at the time. Additionally, he was an NFL player for numerous years before going into coaching. It’s very possible that his likeness could have been considered with the creation of PC Principal on the hit Comedy Central show.

Check out the video of PC Principal below to get a better understanding of what the character looks like and who the character is. Then, I’ll provide 5 details that will have you believing that PC Principal is at least in part inspired by Dan Campbell.

Did Dan Campbell Inspire PC Principal On South Park?

  • They Look Alike

    You can’t deny that Dan Campbell and PC Principal look exactly alike. Look at that video above! You throw some sunglasses on Dan Campbell and you’ve got PC Principal. It’s basically unquestionable. The hair, the goatee, the energy, it’s all there! Can you see the similarities? However, looks aren’t the only reason to believe PC Principal is based on Dan Campbell. Keep scrolling for more!

  • They Both Went To The Same School

    In the video above, PC Principal runs into other PC Bros at the bar and they’re all saying what college they went to what what chapter of PC they belong to. There’s one from Ohio State and others claim their schools, as well. Then, PC Principal comes in and where does he say he went to school? Texas A&M. Why’s that significant? Do you know who else went to Texas A&M? Well, none other than Dan Campbell. Coincidence? I think not!

  • Great Speech Writers

    Dan Campbell made an immediate impact on the Detroit Lions with his unique speeches. He quickly gained national attention for his comments on biting opponent’s knee caps off. He’s cried for the team and on numerous occasions has given uplifting heart-felt speeches. You know who else does that? PC Principal. PC is constantly calling assembly meetings to bring the school together and motivate them to do right. Another example and characteristic that these two share.

  • Motivating The Youth

    As a Head Coach, you are responsible for turning boys into men. You have to motivate, lead, and connect with the players to get the most out of them. Likewise, it’s a similar situation with Principals. They have to lead, connect, and inspire their students to become the best people that they can. Their responsibilities and career choices are awfully similar. You starting to see what I’m getting at? Is there a chance PC Principal was really inspired by Dan Campbell?

  • Not Going Anywhere

    PC Principal has become a fan favorite on South Park. He’s hilarious and does a good job being a parody of our society today. We’ve also seen in an episode that took place in the future that PC Principal is still around and hasn’t changed! Likewise, Dan Campbell isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Detroit loves Dan Campbell. He’s changed the culture for our beloved Lions and have taken the team places we haven’t seen in many many years. He’s our DC Principal.

    So, what do you think? Can you see the inspiration?

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