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Genius Baby Names: Name Your Baby This to Become a Genius

Want your baby to grow up to be a genius? Maybe it's all in the name. Well, there's a lot more to do with becoming a genius than just a name. But, you can't deny that some names are shared with more geniuses than others. So, what are these genius baby names? Let's get into the tally and reasoning behind it. There's a new story out in that discusses the names that can prep your child for "historical success." Moreover, the Small Business Blog is a digital resource for small business owners, provides comprehensive and actionable content aimed at ensuring success. They ask, "Why not name them after someone highly intelligent, such as a Mensan or renowned scientist?" The article goes through some popular baby names shared by geniuses. Even if you don't go with these specific names, you can go with a related name, to still get some smartness in there. Also, while the right name won't necessarily guarantee that your child will be the next Albert Einstein, it can't hurt, right? "Alternately, naming your child after someone who made groundbreaking advances in their field could help your child aspire to greatness, or embody the positive traits and achievements of their namesake," says. So, let's get into these genius baby names. Some of these monikers are very common, such as John and James. Others are quite different, like Ada or Nadia. It's certainly an interesting selection of names. What's more, for methodology, the outlet sourced names and data from EduBirdie, Mensans, Nobel Prize winners, prominent scientists and various other sources to create a list of a whopping 921 individuals. Then, from there, they picked the smarty pants names. Also, for more information, visit Boys: 1. John 2. Robert 3. William 4. James 5. Thomas 6. Carl, Richard, Charles, George 7. Michael, Paul Girls: 1. Marie 2. Elizabeth 3. Susan, Ellen 4. Irene, Ada, Jane, Barbara, Nadia [select-listicle listicle_id="558464" syndication_name="baby-names-you-probably-should-avoid" description="no"]

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