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7 Of The Greatest Saturday Night Live Sketches Of All-Time

From Mike Myers to Adam Sandler and [inlink id="will-ferrell-5-most-feral-roles" text="Will Ferrell"] to Gilda Radner, some of the biggest names in comedy were members of Saturday Night Live.  The sketch show has been an important part of comedy culture since it first debuted on NBC back in 1975. These are my 7 favorite Saturday Night Live sketches throughout the history of the show. This was no easy challenge. I've been watching the show for as long as I can remember, and it's been on-air long before that. Season 49 of SNL debuted back in October. However, the show has been a staple on NBC since 1975. Iconic SNL Sketches When it comes to Saturday Night Live, everyone has their opinions and of course they all differ. I'm sure you've heard the typical "it's just not funny any more" or "All the good cast members left." People love hating on the show, but they always come back...and it certainly isn't going anywhere. The show has been on the air for, like, 48 years now and it continues to pump out amazing sketches and funny people. Considering the fact that the show has been on that long, I'm sure everyone has their own list of favorite sketches. It's probably like a snowflake or a fingerprint where no two lists are the same. My friends all love [inlink id="snl-15-of-the-most-memorable-holiday-skits" text="SNL"] as much as I do, but I'm positive our lists of favorite sketches would look nothing alike. When putting my list together I wanted to stay true to my favorite sketches, while trying to go back across multiple eras of the show. Unfortunately, I haven't seen many episodes from the 70s or 80s. I've seen the popular ones, sure. However, I'm largely unfamiliar with that era so you probably won't find many sketches from back then on my list. That means some timeless sketches are being left out. In fact, most of the sketches that many consider to be among the best didn't make the list. That means no More Cowbell, no Chippendale Auditions, and no Schweddy Balls. Enough about what didn't make the list. Let's check out what did make it!

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