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Detroit Lions’ New Uniforms: What Do You Think?

The NFL Draft is on the way, and now, the Detroit Lions' new uniforms are here to show off during the event. The Lions revealed three new uniforms on Thursday evening (April 18) in front of season ticket holders at Ford Field and later to the public. Detroit Lions' New Uniforms The good news for nostalgic Detroit Lions fans is that Detroit will keep their Honolulu Blue home uniforms and white road uniforms. But, they also brought back a black alternate jersey, instead of what they were using, which was the silver color rush uniforms. "We are excited to launch a new era of Lions football," Detroit Lions President & CEO, Rod Wood said regarding the new uniforms. "Honolulu Blue and Silver has defined the Detroit Lions for generations and I am proud that we found a way to continue to evolve the look with a nod to the past and a focus on the future. The traditional look of our primary jerseys combined with the bold attitude of our alternate jerseys capture the essence of Detroit and the multi-generational fans base that supports us." Regarding the Lions' new uniforms, the Lions write, "Behold a modern take on the most iconic Detroit Lions uniform ever worn. In refreshed 'Honolulu Blue,' the Home jersey welcomes back a classic white number font, and is paired with pants in true silver – the way it was meant to be. New shoulder and pant striping borrows from the racing stripes used on the Ford Mustang, and both notably include the return of white accents." They add, "The inside collar is inscribed with 'One Pride,' in honor of our team's passionate and frenzied fan base that packs Ford Field to create one of the most intimidating game day atmospheres in the NFL." The Lions also pay tribute to the team of the 1950s, which was a winning team. "The Lions’ closet will continue to feature a classic uniform as a nod to the late-'50s teams that dominated the early era of professional football," they write in a statement. "The refreshed blue is the only change the team made to the classic uniform as they will still feature classic numbers in silver with no outline. The jersey will be paired with silver stripe-less pants and blue socks." Check out the Detroit Lions' new uniforms below. What do you think? I think they look great, but the superstitious side of me wants them to use last season's uniforms. Reach out to me and let me know. [select-listicle listicle_id="1067207" syndication_name="predictions-the-2024-nfl-draft" description="no"]

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