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This Christmas, Be Easy On Yourself

Here’s one way of looking at the 2020 holiday season: it isn't going to be like any previous holiday season. It's OK to feel sad. Or to feel frustrated. You’re allowed to feel these emotions. Then accept that parties, family gatherings and even gift giving will be different this year and consider what you can do instead. Neighborhood parties canceled? Drop off baskets of individually wrapped candy or cookies on doorsteps. Run away without telling them it was you. After all, random acts of kindness are really gifts you give yourself. Make giving a habit and mail a gift card to the shelter where you used to volunteer or the toy drive you always supported. No extra cash? Offer to help with deliveries or to take the place of a high-risk volunteer who can no longer help. Celebrate with distanced co-workers by hosting an "office party" on Zoom or FaceTime during the lunch hour or after work. Children fretting about not seeing beloved family? Spend an evening decorating a wall or creating posters as a backdrop for your video chat family gatherings. Deliver party boxes of discount hats and favors that everyone can open together during a virtual celebration. Help your children draft a "gratitude list" of things that make them happy now instead of dwelling on a smaller holiday. Treat yourself. Shower. Dress up. Eat healthy and exercise. How much time did you have for yourself during last year’s holiday? Make time to tune in and connect with others. Take time to enjoy the moment. It’s great stress reliever. The holidays don’t have to be exactly like the celebrations of the past to be just as meaningful and memorable. Hopefully, there will never be another holiday season like 2020's... but it still is the holiday season. Don't feel guilty for trying to enjoy it. And hopefully 2021's holiday season will see a return to normalcy.

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