6 Yummy Metro Detroit Burger Joints That You Should Visit Today

The weather is warming up around here and we all know that one of the very first things we do to welcome it in is to break out the grill! There's no denying the delicious smell of a fat, juicy burger cooking on the grill. Plus the sound of the sizzle from the juices hitting the charcoal are so enticing. Then you add your favorite cheese as it slowly melts across the burger & and finally it's loaded with your favorite toppings. Which are your favorites? Bacon? Onions? Jalapenos? Pickles? For me, I prefer a butter-grilled bun, a well-seasoned turkey patty, blue cheese crumbles, and the toppings have to be mushrooms, lettuce, red onion, mayo, and mustard. Welp, now my imagination has me seriously hungry! How about you? While there's never a bad time to enjoy a yummy burger, May is officially National Hamburger Month. Maybe you're asking yourself "How do I honor such a glorious day?" Well, you can definitely celebrate by trying a different type of hamburger than you typically order or make. Food & Wine Magazine put out a list of their top 22 burger recipes for you to choose from. My favorite from their list that I would like to try is their "Next-Level Turkey Burgers with Lemon Aioli" recipe. Of course if you just want to kick back and enjoy your meal, Eater Detroit has put out a list of 23 essential burger spots to visit in Metro Detroit. I have highlighted six great ones below. You can check out the full list of 23 here. Some have even been featured on the Food Network's 'Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives' Whether you decide to fire up the grill or visit a local Metro Detroit burger joint, I hope those juicy burgers leave all of your senses fully satisfied!