The Best 90s Actors and Actresses

The Best 90s Actors and Actresses The 90s was that era that was trying to figure out what it was after the powerful cultural impact of the 80s. But the 90s set itself apart with an increase in sitcoms and many popular television stars transitioning into movies. While I grew up in the 80s, the 90s was my ultimate entertainment era. Video game and movie rentals were at an all-time high and at a reasonable price. While I was busy beating the latest Genesis games (I couldn't afford a Super Nintendo too) I was also taking any chance I could to rent a movie or two. Some of which had the best 90s actors and actresses in them. My dad and I would always get some when we would go shopping at my first job Breens IGA. That grocery store jumped on the rental bandwagon and we got to watch about two movies a day. I didn't get out much, but now I have lovely wrinkle-free skin and a wealth of movie knowledge. Anyways, I couldn't wait for rentals so I also hit up all the local theaters whenever I could. Do you remember the theater in the Novi Mall? My favorite was the Twin Cinemas on Telegraph Rd. They had a theater on both sides of the road and one had an arcade. Many 'R' rated movies were watched with "parental approval" during those times. But the 90s was strong with great movies and with that, great actors and actresses. The 90s produced great movies like Leon, Bug's Life, My Cousin Vinny, Shawshank Redemption (my favorite movie), and Tombstone to name a few. Here are some of the great actors and actresses of the 90s. There are some more on this list on here and here. If you like this list check out our lists on the 70s and 80s of Actors and Actresses.  

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