23 Must Watch Movies of the 2000’s

The 2000's had a lot going on, Y2K, September 11th, foreign conflicts along with a shift in rock/alt music. But perhaps the biggest mark the 2000's left on me, was at the movie theater (or on VHS). Of course, every decade has its highlights in cinema although I think this might be the best decade of movies period. I could probably have put another 50 movies that were worthy of a watch on this list. I made some super tough decisions eliminating some exceptional movies to give you all the top 23 movies that I deem to be an absolute must watch from that decade. This list is a mixture of my favorite movies and the greatest movies I have ever seen from this span of time. I'll explain in detail throughout this story why I picked the film that I did. This list is not ranked or in any particular order, just 23 movies that absolutely should be seen if they haven't already. I tried to include several genres to appeal to all movie fans out there. I have seen every single one of these movies 5 plus times with only one exception. Read on to find out which movie you should watch for the 100th time or possibly the first this week.

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