Angie Starr from the KISS-FM morning show, Mason & Starr had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the Director of the new motion picture film, Respect, Leisel Tommy, as well as leading actress Jennifer Hudson, who portrays Aretha Franklin in this upcoming film. Starr represented KISS-FM, fellow sister-station Detroit Praise Network, and Beasley Media Group Detroit.

Angie constantly spoke about how exciting her visit was with Hudson and Tommy but here are her thoughts from her own words, “Oh I was very honored to be allowed to interview¬†Jennifer Hudson and the Director of Respect. It feels so good to be back out doing what are we love to do live interviews with superstars; though I had to pass a COVID-19 test before I could be near Jennifer Hudson and the director, Liesel Tommy.”

Angie was also so impressed with Jennifer Hudson and the respect she had for Detroit! “Jennifer Hudson was so humble and such a superstar at the same time. I was very impressed with the dedication to details when it came to creating Respect. Jennifer Hudson showed Detroit Respect by working in excellence to create Respect”

All interviewing participants got to enjoy a special screening of the film before interviewing with Jennifer Hudson and Leisel Tommy. Here are Angie’s thoughts on the film, “I give the movie 9 out of 10 because I wanted more!” When asked who Angie thought she would be in the filmed she responded with, “If I was cast for the movie I would play Dinah Washington who is played by Mary J Blige.”

The film, Respect, tells Aretha Franklin’s story on how she went from singing in her father’s church choir to becoming an international musical superstar and legend. The film releases worldwide on August 13, 2021.

Here is Angie Starr’s interview with Jennifer Hudson and film director, Leisel Tommy.