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Jared Goff is something of a hometown hero in Detroit, even though he’s not from here. At this point, Goff is a true Michigander. He posesses grit and determination. He’s also helped bring the Detroit Lions more victories than they’ve had in decades. And, it’s only getting better. That said, Goff isn’t the kind of guy who lets his personal life hang out there. So, yeah, he’s a bit mysterious. That said, let’s get into some things you may not know about Jared Goff.

First of all, I love how even-keeled Goff is when it comes to his quarterback position. He understands that you’re going to have some bad games and plays, and he doesn’t let that rattle him. How strong. Goff also seems very stable and balanced. So, he’s better equipped to handle things under press, and that’s really helped the Lions this season.

Now, with the NFC Championship game looming, Goff understands how much a win would mean to the city of Detroit. He also understood what it would mean to win the NFC North division, which the Lions did earlier in the season. “I understand how special it’ll be for the city,” Goff said at the time during a press conference. “Absolutely, we understand that and how long the fans have waited and all that, we certainly understand that, but I think we have to focus on what we can control and that’s this week right now.” He added that, “I think I’ve said this before, but we don’t carry the weight of the last 30 years here, we don’t. It’s the 2023 Lions and we’re different than last year’s team and the year before and 30 years before that.”

What’s not to love about this guy? Read on for 10 things you may not know about Jared Goff. As always, go Lions. Let’s go all the way.

  • He has pro sports in his blood

    Jared Goff was the son of Jerry Goff, who was a Major League Baseball player back in the day. Goff was born in San Rafael, California. He was raised in Novato, California.


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  • He went to a Catholic high school

    Jared Goff first started his football career at Marin Catholic High School in Kentfield, California. He shined on the football team while there. So, he was a star from the start.

  • He gives back to that high school

    As I just mentioned, Jared Goff graduated from Marin Catholic High School in Kentfield, California. He still gives back to them, too. Last year, he actually purchased state championship rings for the entire Marin Catholic team, who won the California state Division 4-AA football championship. How nice is that?

  • He's only played on two NFL teams

    While some NFL players switch around a lot during their careers, Jared Goff has only played for two teams. Those teams, of course, are the Los Angeles Rams and Detroit Lions. He was with the Los Angeles Rams from 2016 to 2020 and has been with the Lions since 2021.

  • He's been to a Super Bowl

    When Goff came to Detroit, a lot of people were skeptical. But, this guy has actually been to a Super Bowl, so we were always in good hands. In his second year with the Rams, he help bring the Rams their first winning season in 14 years. He also took the team to Super Bowl LIII, which marked the Rams’ first Super Bowl appearance since 2001. So, why did Sean McVay let him go? Honestly, it was a great thing for Detroit. Finders keepers.

  • He grew up a San Francisco 49ers fan

    Uh, oh. The Lions have to beat the 49ers to get to the Super Bowl. But, Jared Goff grew up a 49ers fan. He actually wears the No. 16 as a tribute to Joe Montana. I’m sure Goff will still have no emotional issue with beating them, though.

  • He had major success as a quarterback in college

    Jared Goff had several scholarship offers to play football, and he chose the University of California, Berkeley. He became the starting quarterback in the 2013 season. That actually made him the school’s first real freshman quarterback.

  • His fiancée is a Sports Illustrated model

    Jared Goff’s fiancée, Christen Harper, is a Sports Illustrated model. How did they meet? According to People, Harper and Goff started dating in 2019 and met through a dating app. According to the magazine, the app is called Raya, and it’s a private, membership-based dating app for celebrities.

  • His fiancée loves Detroit

    Jared Goff’s fiancée, Christen Harper, truly loves Detroit. She’s been at all the recent Lions games, and she often posts photos of social media in Lions gear. She’s also posted on social media about her love for the Motor City. We love her right back.

  • He gives back

    Last September, for the second consecutive year, Jared Goff and his JG16 brand worked with Merit, a high-quality clothing brand in Detroit that helps students in the community by assisting them in getting to college via the nonprofit organization Give Merit. That’s truly a great cause. So, yes, he gives back.

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