Time to Quit!

Have you quit on those New Year’s resolutions? Today is National Quitter’s day! What’s a better time to quit if you are not going to stick with it! Ironically, yesterday was “Stick with your New Year’s resolution day”. And you are not alone if you want to quit. According to discoverhappyhabits.com, the average of people keeping their resolutions is 9-12%.

Demographics say that Baby Boomers mostly want to lose weight. Millennials are the most confident in their ability to keep their resolutions. And Gen Z just wants to find love.

So what’s keeping you from keeping these resolutions? Some of the reasons that have been surveyed include unrealistic goals (becoming a brain surgeon in a month), just forgetting (of course you did, wink, wink), didn’t keep track (Who has time for that?), and too many resolutions.

The most popular attempted resolutions of 2022 were:
1. Living healthier
2. Personal improvement and happiness
3. Losing weight

Want to still give it the old college try? Give it one more shot? Here are some techniques, ideas, and thoughts on how to be in that range of 9-12% of success! Good luck and I hope you make it! I got some gummy worms, video games, and a 2 liter of Mountain Dew calling my name!

  • 1. It's all about Micro-changes

    Instead of saying you are going to LOSE weight, set a specific smaller weekly goal. I know this works. When I wanted to lose weight, using the Wii Fit (LOL, yeah I still have one!) it was easier to watch a graph of my weight goals per week than to just say I’m going to lose 50 lbs.

  • 2. Ask Questions?

    Question the reality of the goal. Will I exercise, yes or no? This may work if you are not already prepared to take any excuse to back out already. Number one might be better as it lowers the bar. 

  • 3. SLEEP! SLEEP!

    You’ve heard this said many times, get plenty of sleep. The most commonly agreed amount is 8 hours. However, rarely do we get to opportunity to have such a luxury as 8 hours of sleep. But if you can’t get a full eight hours, try to fit in times of “rest”. Taking a moment to close your eyes and breathe. Clarity will come when your mind is at ease. 

  • 4. Location, location, location

    A change of environment can help contribute to more adherence to your goals. Or maybe a change in timing. Joining others with like-minded goals can definitely contribute to progress in your resolution. 

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