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So, you started that gym membership and have been less than active with your exercise routine and need a bit of motivation to get yourself to the gym each day. Here are several ideas to keep you on the path to looking and feeling better.

  • Get Dressed for a Successful Workout – Find an outfit that you feel good in and comfortable.
  • Get an Early Start – So many people are more productive in the morning and it’s good to get it out of the way.
  • Set Goals for your Workout – They don’t have to be big goals at first but, it’s great to have something to strive for.
  • Change Up Your Workouts – Don’t do the same stuff every time. Mix it up to keep it interesting.
  • Build a Real Reward Into Your Workout – When you work out for all the days you plan to, gift yourself something special at the end of each week.
  • Take a Break When You Need It – If your workouts are wearing you down, take a break — but define how long the break will be so you know when to come back.
  • Work out with a friend who is a positive influence – Having a partner to work out with can be very motivating.
  • Start at Your Own Pace – If you are starting, don’t be so hard on yourself and start at the pace you feel comfortable with.
  • Reward yourself each day you workout – Do a little something special during your workout such as listening to music or watching your favorite show on an iPad or other device to keep your mind feeling good.
  • There are tons of free workout and advice videos online like the one below. So it should be easy to find the best workout for your level of skills.