For those who proudly proclaim themselves as the ultimate most well-versed pet parents, it might be time for a reality check. A recent survey carried out by OnePoll in collaboration with Stella & Chewy’s, a maker of raw and raw-inspired pet food, shed light on some of the most common misconceptions people have about pets. Their survey was conducted among 2,000 dog and cat owners to explore common misconceptions about pets. Surprisingly, the research found that 92% of pet parents continue to be influenced by these myths.

Despite what many believe, 68% of dog parents were unaware that a wagging tail doesn’t always indicate happiness. Apparently, it can also signify interest and alertness as reported by Current Biology, a research website. Similarly, 38% of their survey participants falsely believed that a cold, wet nose is a reliable sign of a dog’s good health. In reality, a wet nose can simply result from a dog licking it, a behavior that actually enhances their sense of smell, says Psychology Today.

Common myths about cats

In the case of cats, the survey found that 42% of cat parents held the misconception that their feline companions can see in complete darkness. While cats can indeed see in very low light, they are unable to see in total darkness.

Another common myth is the notion that cats always land on their feet. This belief was held by 41% of cat parents surveyed. Even though a cat’s ability to land on all four paws can be influenced by its overall health and condition. “Cats actually don’t always land on their feet! Healthy cats are more likely to stick the landing compared to overweight cats or those with coordination issues,” says Wag, a pet care website.

The survey also explored myths related to pets’ diets. Over a quarter of dog parents (28%) believed that homemade pet food is healthier than store-bought options. Similarly, a significant number of cat parents (30%) thought that cats should avoid all human food, even though there are safe human foods that cats can consume. Additionally, 23% of respondents believed that pets should go to sleep with a full stomach, and 29% of participants, particularly cat owners, believed the common myth that cats enjoy milk, despite the fact that many cats are lactose intolerant.

Check out the complete list of the most common pet myths here.

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