Get ready for some more tweaks on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. Elon Musk is currently involved in making changes to how news links are displayed on X. These modifications have the potential to impact the way news publishers attract audiences. Musk has also communicated that on platform X, users will no longer be able to block other accounts.

The plan is to streamline things by ditching the headline and description with news links. This would leave only the lead image of an article to show up alongside the link. According to Fortune, this social network intends to display just the link and the header image within a post. Elon Musk confirmed this move in a post on Monday, emphasizing that the idea comes “directly” from him. He believes that this adjustment will significantly enhance the visual appeal of the platform.

Could we soon be saying goodbye to link headlines and descriptions on X?

An insider, as per the Fortune report, mentioned that this update has a dual purpose. That it aims to reduce the post’s vertical size, allowing more posts to fit on a single screen. And Musk hopes that removing headlines from the preview card will put a damper on clickbait tactics. However, without the preview card, there’s a possibility that publications or blogs might simply use any text to entice users to click on links.

Musk also recently expressed that journalists aiming for more autonomy and better income should consider publishing directly on X.

X’s Block Feature

Furthermore, X is reportedly considering the removal of the feature that lets users block other accounts within the app. Musk responded to a user’s query on the platform regarding when to block versus mute someone. His answer was that the “block” function is going to be phased out as a “feature,” except for direct messages. He finds the block feature pointless and is suggesting a better mute option. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s former founder, fully supports this, responding with “100% Mute only.”

It’s worth noting that if X were to remove the ability to block users, it could potentially conflict with the policies of both the App Store and the Google Play Store. This, in turn, might lead to X being pulled from these platforms, in accordance with the guidelines established by Apple and Google.

If the block feature is indeed removed, it remains unclear whether accounts that were previously blocked will automatically become unblocked.


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