Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month: Saluting McDonald’s Franchise Owner Marla Thrower

James and Marla Thrower opened their first McDonald's on Nov. 21, 1989 after participating in a program that allowed participants to get in touch with franchises. Soon the Thrower’s left the corporate world to do their own thing. To date the Thrower “Family” own 30 McDonald’s restaurants in Michigan and Louisiana. https://www.facebook.com/McDonalds1000MackAve/photos/a.701156546586983/3718534931515781 I talked to Marla about how she and her husband became franchise owners, the challenges she’s faced as a women entrepreneur and advice for up and coming women seeking entrepreneurship; then we talked about another of my favorite subjects… food! Listen to our Conversation Here [audio mp3="https://detroitpraisenetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/96/2021/03/MARLA-THROWER-MCDONALDS.mp3"][/audio] Also See: https://twitter.com/TamronHallShow/status/1232825170923909120?s=20 LISTEN TO RANDI EACH WEEKDAY FROM 10AM - 3PM ON THE DETROIT PRAISE NETWORK! Instagram: @PraiseDetroit & @RandiMyles2Go