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COVID Act Now, a volunteer group that’s been modeling coronavirus (COVID-19) information, states Michigan is one of just two states on target to contain the spread of the virus.

“Cases are steadily decreasing and Michigan’s COVID preparedness meet or exceed international standards across our key metrics,” the organization stated on Twitter.

COVID Act Now, according to their website, is a group of “technologists, epidemiologists, health experts and public policy leaders working to provide disease intelligence and data analysis” in conjunction with several universities.

According to the organization, Michigan has increased its amount of contact tracers, and as a result, the infection rate has sunk to 0.85.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer highlighted the low infection rate during a press conference today (June 17).

“Before the public health measures in place, the average Michigander spread the virus to three other people. As measures were implemented and adherence grew Michigan’s infection rate decreased to 2.5 people and then 1.25 people and then 0.8. Throughout April, a person with COVID-19 infected an average of less than one person, which allowed our curve to fall and saved a lot of lives,” she said.

“Our action is working. Michigan is standing out as having done well in terms of pushing our curve down,” she added

The only other state currently in COVID Act Now’s “green” zone is New York.

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