You Might See Some Purple Pumpkins Out on Porches This Halloween…

Purple pumpkins? What’s the deal?

We all know it’s difficult enough trying to adapt to all the latest changes, thanks to the recent pandemic. Face masks, social distancing and obsessively keeping our hands clean has become the new norm. It’s even more difficult trying to explain that to a child. That’s why some parents have come together to create the latest viral Halloween trend: purple pumpkins!

Purple Pumpkins 

Placing a purple pumpkin out on your porch, in your window or on your lawn signifies a safe location for trick-or-treating, as in, a coronavirus-free place to hit up for treats. While this doesn’t completely ease the worries of protective parents, it certainly helps.

Parents are encouraging people to paint a pumpkin, cut one out of construction paper or draw them on their windows! The idea is to show kids and parents alike that Halloween doesn’t have to be completely canceled as long as everyone is being safe!

Teal Pumpkins

If you see a teal pumpkin on someone’s doorstep, it’s supposed to mean they are handing out non-food items to trick-or-treaters. This is especially meaningful for kids with food allergies.

Blue Pumpkins

Some parents want to spread awareness of autism this Halloween by turning their pumpkins blue, or having blue plastic pumpkin containers. The idea is that it signifies that a person trick-or-treating might require specific or different needs.

*And remember, ALWAYS check your child’s candy before they consume it. Safety first, friends!

Have a happy and SAFE Halloween!

If you’re focusing on being extra safe this Halloween season, below are some high-risk activities that you might want to avoid this year: