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DIY Skunk Kids Costume

Do you want a costume to show off how stinking cute your little kid is? Then here is a guide on how to make your own kids skunk costume! What You'll Need: Scissors White and black faux fur 9x12 inch long craft fur use your judgement for taller children or adult costumes Black hoodie sweatshirt Velcro Safety Pin Hot-glue gun How To Make It: The first step is to cut a strip of white fur at a width that is close to the same width as a child's head. The length should reach from the top rim of the hood all the way down the back and stopping at the bottom waist area of the hoodie. Since the fur is draped over the hoodie, make a mark in the center of the fur, near where the shoulders begin. From there, cut a narrow triangle downward all the way to the bottom edge to form two strips. Next, hot-glue the fur, starting under the center edge of the hood and letting it trail down the back while tacking down all the edges. Now, cut a circle of white fur and attach it to the front chest area of the hoodie with velcro. Next we need to make the tail. You need to cut a rectangle of black fur that is about a wide as the back of the hoodie and reaches down in length to about halfway down the calf. Loosely roll the fur and glue it into a tube-like shape. Cut to thin white fur strips and glue them to the back of the black fur. Lastly, make sure to glue the top opening of the tail closed and pin it to the back of the hoodie. To complete the outfit wear black pants of your choice and black shoes. If you have leftover materials you could try to make ears or paws.

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