Buddy’s Pizza in Michigan has been selected by Mashed for having one of the best soups in America. Yes, a pizza chain is being recognized for its soup. It was first opened in 1946 with a focus on making a unique pizza using a steel auto pan. In fact, using this method, Buddy’s claims to be the birthplace of Detroit style pizza.

What About The Soup?

There is just one option here. Buddy’s has its own carved out section on each menu dedicated to just its Minestrone soup. In fact, of all the pizza, starters, and sandwich options on the Buddy’s menu, the Minestrone soup truly pops out. It’s the only item listed in its dedicated section. Buddy’s states it has “warmed guests for over 75 years.”

Mashed describes one of the best soups in Michigan by saying, “it’s much thicker than an average minestrone, which means it’s more filling. It’s loaded with zucchini, celery, carrots, cannellini beans, onions, potatoes, and macaroni noodles. The base is a rich and well-seasoned broth.”

Cooking Up The Best Bowl

Mashed searched for the most flavorful soup options nationwide to compile their thorough list. A criteria was that soup needed to be a menu mainstay instead of a seasonal selection or special. Mashed describes the perfect bowl by describing soup as “simply a perfect way to kick off any meal at a restaurant before the entrees make their appearance. While the other guests in your party might opt for a salad or some other handheld munchable to start their meal, you just can’t go wrong when you see a great selection of soup on the menu.”

At Buddy’s, the soup is hearty enough to enjoy as your main meal, or it can accompany another dish. Either way, the restaurant takes pride in crafting and delivering this freshly prepared option. The minestrone is available in cup or bowl portions.

This Michigan pizza restaurant that was named one of the 12 best soups in America now has 16 full-service restaurants in the state. In addition, they have six carry-out only locations as well.

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