10 Beautiful Michigan Rivers You Have to Experience

Here in Michigan, we have the Great Lakes and many beautiful inland lakes, but what about the amazing rivers in the state? Over Memorial Day weekend, I went on a pontoon ride down the Grand River. It was so perfect outside, and watching the water ripple as the boat moved along was very relaxing. I had to watch getting sunburned, though. It's so much easier to get burned on the water than on land. Canoeing, kayaking and fishing are very popular activities in Michigan along our rivers. But, even if you don't do either of those, just laying by a river on a warm, summer day can be fun. There are plenty of rivers that run through our cities, too, so chances are one is just a short drive away. You know what else is great to do in the summer? Set up a picnic right by a river. Sure you might have to chase some mosquitos away, but laying on a blanket and having a picnic on the edge of a river is a very special activity. Read on for 10 of the best rivers in Michigan. These are my personal picks, and I'm sure I left out some great ones. Reach out to me on social media with your top choices. Best Rivers in Michigan