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BRASILIA, BRAZIL - MARCH 13: A couple wearing protective masks kisses at the Asa Norte Regional Hospital (HRAN) on March 13, 2020 in Brasilia, Brazil. According to Health Ministry Brazil has confirmed 77 cases of coronavirus. (Photo by Andre Coelho/Getty Images)

People are doing everything they can to survive self-isolation, and in New York, they are taking things to the next level. The New York Post explains that residents are using Craigslist to find folks to isolate with. And this new wave of “QuaranTinder”  is becoming rather popular.

“Would love to connect with someone, gather some food, necessities and hide together, we can get to know each other, have some fun while doing it,” one user wrote on their ad, while another says, “Before we all get put into quarantine let’s live together. I am looking for a live-in situation and you can have room rent free. I am very well stocked up on food and beverages.” And these people are dead serious.

Kelly Lion explains to the Post that after she posted about wanting a “covid-19 boyfriend” for two weeks, she got hundreds of responses. She even posted some on her Instagram story.

Since some people are still so focused on finding love, there are dating services out there are beginning to cater to their needs. Here/Now is a website that is holding application-only virtual singles events for people to continue to date.  In a press release, the company explains, “These are strange and stressful times but we hope Here/Now can provide real human connection during this time of social distancing and be the root of some love stories on the other side of this.”