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In the delicious world of sandwiches, many people are on the hunt for the perfect one. From the bread to the fillings, some people get serious about what makes it tick. Some may go for fancy bread and top-notch ingredients, while others just want that mouthwatering blend of flavors. It’s a fun adventure of trying and tweaking until you hit that magical combo.

A poll asked people what the “perfect sandwich” would have on it. Buddig, the deli meats brand, teamed up with OnePoll, a market research company, to survey 2,000 people and uncover the secrets behind the perfect sandwich. Through their study, they gained valuable insights into people’s preferred sandwich ingredients and even how often they could indulge in a sandwich before growing tired of it.

The Perfect Sandwich

According to the survey, the ideal sandwich is a combination of tomato (54%), cheddar cheese (39%), and Black Forest ham (39%). Interestingly, the average person craves a sandwich around four times a week. And it appears that sandwiches are not only a treat for your taste buds but also a smart choice for your wallet, with 42% of respondents actively seeking ways to reduce food expenses. For 67% of those surveyed, sandwiches make a fantastic money-saving option.

Favorite Sandwich Ingredients

In the survey, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, and honey mustard all proved to be top favorites, each garnering 58% of the respondents’ votes. On the other hand, ranch was the least favored, with only 26% of the participants choosing it. Surprisingly, ketchup is a top contender for condiments people would prefer in a perfect sandwich with 61%.

When it comes to meat options, regular ham, honey turkey, honey ham, and Black Forest ham are all tied as equally favored choices, each earning 39% of the vote.

Cheese preferences were diverse, with cheddar leading the pack at 36%, followed closely by Swiss cheese and American cheese, also at 36%. The least popular cheese was Gruyere, chosen by only 1% of the respondents.

For bread, whole wheat claimed the top spot as the favorite with 37%, closely followed by sourdough at 36%, and multigrain at 33%. Among the vegetables, onions took the lead with 54% of the votes, followed closely by cucumber at 51%.

As for toasting, 58% of those polled expressed a preference for their sandwiches to be toasted.

Take a look at the complete study here.

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