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Ohio Pizza Lovers Cut Their Pizza In Small Squares?

I never thought I would believe this, but it is true. Fact: I lived in Ohio in 1983, and my first job was in radio. The pizza showed up cut in squares. I asked my new friends why they did this to a pizza. They asked me, what other way is there to cut it? The Story Behind Ohio Square Cut Pizza Yes, there is a simple explanation for this strange custom of cutting a perfectly good, delicious pie into tiny squares. The square-cut pizza originated in bars in Chicago, where the bar or tavern would serve pizzas for free, thinking that the salty pizza would make people order more beer. The little squares were easy to take. In Columbus, Ohio, the square-cut pizza became popular in the 1950s with teenagers who could go out as a group, pool their money, and share different topping combinations at the same seating.  Columbus-style pizza is an American regional pizza style with a circular shape, pieces cut into short or long rectangles, a thin crust, dense toppings that cover the surface, and, usually, provolone cheese and a slightly sweet sauce.  https://www.instagram.com/p/C5wJYzrJqkz So What Is Columbus Ohio Style Pizza? Some say that square cut ( Tavern Cut) makes sharing easier. The crust is thin, the bottom has a dusting of cornmeal, and there is not much of a crust at the end for holding your slice. Vic Cassano Pizza family of Kettering, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. During the post-war years in Dayton, Ohio, the Cassano family introduced pizza to the area. Vic Cassano did some market research. He was told by women that the one thing they didn’t like about pizza was that it was difficult to eat without looking foolish or messing it all over you. Think of the gloved ladies of the 1950s with white gloves and tea dresses going out for pizza. So he devised the idea of cutting it into squares, which has been done that way ever since. Have You Tried Not So Sweet Vodka Pizza Pie? There is a place in Ohio called The Ohio Pie Co. They have a pizza with Vodka sauce, basil pesto, pep, spicy sliced sausage, cheese blend, and fresh mozzarella. Everyone seems to love it so far, and like all specials, it sticks around as long as it’s still selling. Check out their Facebook Page Here https://youtu.be/S58bIJh-gUk Trigger Warning On Ohio Square Cut Pizza Pizza and some Vernors Made In Detroit Some people get massively upset about how a pizza is “supposed” to be cut, but the best way to cut a particular pizza should always be how pizza is most easily eaten. A hearty pie with many toppings is a disaster, while a thin, NY-style pie would be a disaster if square-cut. Square cuts are interesting to eat since every piece is unique. But give me a Detroit-style pizza from Michigan any day! Hail to the victors.

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