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Michigan’s DTE Proposes a Rate Hike

No, thank you, DTE. I know all too well the stress of paying utilities. And like many people, I am not excited about DTE proposing a rate hike during all this inflation. DTE has programs that assist through payment plans, but rarely do they really help. And according to fox2detroit.com, the proposed hike is forĀ $388 million. And with every penny being counted in today's economy, that amounts to about $10.31 per month on average. The Michigan Public Service Commission held a public meeting this last Monday to listen to the public's opinion on the matter. Most opinions were that this was not the time to be increasing rates. Those there giving their opinions on the matter included Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who asked the commission to remember whom they work for: "You serve us, the public, just remember that because the corporations will always put the shareholders first," Tlaib said. There were no decisions made at the time. There were no responses or comments made back at all. Only listening and taking notes of the public opinion. The Public Service Commission, if they choose to make a decision, has till mid-November. However, they can also choose to make no decision, and by law, DTE's proposed rate hike will happen.

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