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Halloween is over, and Christmas music is already being played pretty much everywhere I go. I enjoy Christmas music and the holidays, so I’m cool with it, but what I’m not cool with is the idea of snow starting to fall. There’s pretty much nothing I like about the cold, wet stuff, except that, yes, it can be beautiful.

In lower Michigan, residents are still waiting in anticipation for the first measurable snowfall of 2021. That said, it might surprise some Michiganders to know that one Michigan city has already seen snow- and it was quite a while ago.

Michigan’s first official snowfall happened on Friday, Oct. 22, according to the Detroit Free Press, more than week ago. So, what was the lucky city? According to the Free Press, Michigan’s first official snowfall happened in Gaylord, Michigan. That’s not a huge surprise, since Gaylord is pretty far north, and it’s apparently pretty common for them to get early snowfall.

Lower Michigan is on target to get its first official snowfall this week. Time will tell if that actually happens, but either way, there’s no denying that winter weather is on the way sometime soon.

Some Reasons We Love Michigan in the Winter:

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