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The 5 Worst People In Every Work Meeting

"We're living in a society, we're supposed to act in a civilized way!" when he spoke these words, George Costanza was speaking for all of us. This goes for how we behave with our friends in our social circles, while on dates, and even how we're supposed to act during meetings at work. Work, and thus life, would be a much easier and enjoyable time if we all were to come together and simply act in a civilized way. By doing this, we can improve our quality of life, and get out of meetings much sooner and with less stress. That's right. Often times, horrible meetings aren't even our bosses fault, although they may take the heavy load of the blame. Sometimes, it is us, the employee, who causes chaos during a meeting or extends it on accident because we didn't know the unspoken rules. That must come to an end. We all know the type. There's "that guy" in every office, all across the country. It's in every field, every industry, every company, and very likely happens at least once in every meeting you attend. How can it be stopped? First, we must identify the problem at its core. From there, we can call these people out and attack the problem head on. Or, we can be super passive aggressive about it and just subtly roll our eyes. The choice is yours. I have identified the five worst people in every work meeting. I have worked with all of these people. Unfortunately, you probably have to. Hopefully together we can rid these types of people from our work meetings. One day...one day...

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