(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Michigan State University’s football team is undefeated seven games into the season, and that has all eyes on second-year head coach Mel Tucker. Tucker is suddenly in the spotlight, and the rumors are that LSU is already looking at him to replace Ed Orgeron, who has agreed to step down after this season.

“I am told that there are some very influential people inside LSU who are really, really high on Mel Tucker,” FOX Sports’ Bruce Feldman said Saturday (Oct. 16).

So, would Tucker leave MSU after just two seasons? Tucker also reportedly signed a six-year contract with MSU and earns a $5.5 million annual salary. If he were to bolt between Jan. 16, 2021 and Jan. 15, 2022, his buyout would be $2.5 million. It drops by $500,000 in subsequent years.

I really hope Tucker stays with the Spartans. If he leaves this soon, it will remind me of Nick Saban leaving MSU, and even though Saban has had success, it’s just not that Spartan loyalty. Plus, I personally think it will mean a lot more to the Spartans to have Tucker with us long term. We’re a team with heart, Tucker, and we want you to stay!

View photo highlights from Saturday’s MSU game below!

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