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It’s Halloween week, and with it comes plenty of scary stories, haunted houses and more. While it’s fun to head to a snazzy haunted house, what’s even cooler – for those who love all things naturally haunted, at least – is finding a place that has a great urban legend attached to it. I’m so easily scared that I probably couldn’t handle it, but if this is for you, read on.

The crew at Thrillist has put together a list of the creepiest urban legends in each state, in honor of the spooky season. So, what’s the spot with the creepiest urban legend in Michigan?

According to Thrillist, Michigan’s top urban legend is Hell’s Bridge. Regarding why it’s creepy, they state, “The Nain Rouge and Dogmen? They’ve got nothing on the tale of Elias Friske, a deranged old preacher who, according to blood-curdling lore, pied-pipered a group of tethered children into the woods near what is now Algoma Township. He slaughtered them one by one, casting them into Cedar Creek before being caught by their parents and hanged, but not before saying he was possessed by demons.”

Thrillist adds, “In its current form, Hell’s Bridge is a creaky, narrow metal footbridge in the middle of the woods, where those brave enough to cross at night claim to hear the voices and screams of children, and are sometimes greeted by a black figure with glowing eyes as they traverse it.”

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