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Halloween has come and is almost gone, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop partaking in spooky fun. After all, it can be hard to transition right from Halloween into Christmas, at least I think so, even when Christmas music is being blasted the day after Halloween. That’s coming from someone who loves both Halloween and Christmas, too.

In that spirit, the crew at TreeTopia, an artificial Christmas tree site, have determined the most haunted city in Michigan. To get to the ranking, they looked at things such as which city has the highest number of recorded ghost sightings. They added that, usually, the most haunted places in any given area are “schools, parks, and hotels, aside from cemeteries.” Any ghost hunter already knows that, though.

In Michigan, the most haunted city, according to the report, is Monroe. I’ve been through there several times and, thankfully, did not see any ghosts. The most haunted place in Michigan is also in Monroe: The Old Paper Mill.

As for the states in the U.S. with the most ghost sightings, Texas and California, by far, have the most. Texas is No. 1 with 7,315 recorded ghost sightings, followed by California at No. 2 with 6,888 sightings.

Reasons We Love Michigan:

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