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Everyone wants to live in a hot zip code, right? Now, the crew at Redfin has done the research to determine the hottest zip codes in Michigan. Read on, and you might be pleasantly surprised if you live in one of these spots.

Redfin conducted an analysis that ranked U.S. zip codes by year-over-year growth in listing views on their website and their Redfin Compete Score. That score measures how hard it is to win a home based on various factors, such as days on market, share of homes that sold above their listing prices and sale-to-list price ratio, according to Redfin.

So, what’s hot in Michigan? Our hottest zip codes include 48234, 48238 and 48227, all in Detroit, as well as 48377, 48444 and 48374, all in Warren. For the list, they included the three hottest zip codes in each of the 50 most populous U.S. metropolitan areas, so this is only for major markets.

Eight of Redfin’s 10 hottest neighborhoods of 2022 are actually in one state: Florida. Find the full list here.

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