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It goes without saying that Michigan has some incredible pizza. Just look at all the major pizza companies that are based in Michigan, from Little Caesars to Jet’s to Domino’s. I’m not quite sure why Michigan has such a strong pizza history, but I’m not complaining, since pizza is one of America’s favorite foods.

A new ranking has one Michigan city listed as the very best in the entire country for getting that cheesy, saucy pizza.

The staff at AnyTimeEstimate.com has given Detroit the No. 1 ranking in the United States based on 2022 data. The online real estate calculator put together its “definitive list of the best cities for pizza” by analyzing publicly available U.S. business data from the 50 largest metro areas in the country.

“To create a definitive list of the best cities for pizza, we analyzed publicly available U.S. business data, Census data, economic and labor statistics, and Google Trends data, as well as findings from Thrillist, Pizza Today, Expensivity, and Menu With Price,” they state in the study. Put all of that together, and they have Detroit as No. 1.

“Detroit is the best pizza city in the U.S.,” they state in the study. “The Motor City boasts the most independent pizza restaurants per capita (6 per 100,000 residents) out of any city on our list. Detroit ranks No. 1 in ‘pizza passion’ — in other words, locals are searching Google for an extra large variety of pizza styles.” Now that we have the best city for pizza settled, let’s debate about toppings. I’m a cheese-only kind of girl, since I don’t eat meat, but my guess is that pepperoni and cheese is the most popular combination for pizza across America. Either way, next time you’re in Detroit, here’s an excuse to grab yourself a hot, saucy slice of pizza, no matter the toppings.

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