They are also closing all of its Target Cafes, Pizza Huts, snack bars, beverage bars, Starbucks seating areas, and condiment stations.

“As our team continues to adapt to the country’s fast-changing needs, we’re announcing plans to reduce our store hours and offer dedicated shopping hours for vulnerable guests. We’ll also maintain limits on select products and would ask guests to purchase only what they need so there’s enough supply to accommodate this increased demand” Brian Cornell, chairman and CEO of Target, said in a statement.

The company has also waived its absentee policy for employees and is covering up to 14 days of quarantine and illness pay for workers with confirmed cases of COVID-19. It also offers paid family leave and free counseling services.

Target said it is also working to ensure that items such as cleaning products, paper products, food, medications, and baby products are stocked by leveraging its supply chains.